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Communication Division


Communication Architecture

We want our clients and partners to be competitive and occupy the top leading positions in today’s multi-channeled world. White-glove reputation and smartly applied social knowledge will show the world how uniquely YOU, YOU are.   

State-of-the-Art Diagnosis for Brands, Personas and Politicians | Satisfaction Drivers | Media Monitoring and Analytics | White-glove Reputation Strategy | Etiquette | Personal Image Metrics | Build / Repair Reputation | Monitor Reputation Threats

Cross-media Calendars | Media Response Plans | Preparatory Disaster Recovery Planning | Conflict Contingency Plans | Crisis Management Capsules | Coaching

Publics Choice Architecture Concept | Methodology from behavioral economics | Cognitive and Social Psychology | Microeconomic Decision Plans | Deontological proposals on low-cost high-effective behavioral and sociological trigger points

Monitoring | Managing cross-platform promotions | Establishing and developing the needed Community | Social Media Strategy | Humanization of Brands | Moderation and Client’s Service Standards